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    This is scary -- ACT for Palm looks and works like Agendus. I mean, not sort of, EXACTLY alike. ACT is in B&W & Agendus in color. Both synch to ACT.

    Agendus is half the price ... goodbye ACT (trial version) hello Agendus.
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    I use act for palm on the treo 600. I have two major problems.

    #1 It does not have a telephony feature in it.

    #2 It takes over the main buttons to the left and right of the 5 way controller. It will give you different views of act for each button.

    I really need to know if it has the telephony feature.
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    For the TREO....I am not really happy with either but heres the scoop.

    Agendus is great at linking appts to people and calandar. The interface is light years ahead of ACT. Supports dialing and SMS and Email if you use their client. ACT does not do either of those things. However, and someone else can answer this.... neither application returns to where you were on the older Treo's. They go back to the built in phone app. I haven't used a Treo 600 yet but ... this is important.... if when you hang up the call your then returned to the contact record in Agendus; that is huge!

    ACT does in fact support dialing. You have to have the 1.51 update but like I said before, the interface is lousy. There is one superior value that ACT has; if you use ACT on your desktop, ACT for Palm will actually sync individual items like phone calls or completed TO-DO's back to ACT on your PC.

    Agendus uses the ACTLink from ACT. This product only carries COPIES of history with you. The last phone calls, appts, and other things. You can edit contact information, but...and this is kind of important .... if you comlete a call for someone in Agendus and mark the checkbox, that item does not sync back to ACT on the PC.

    This is why Iambic makes Agendus for Windows so you can have the line item history similar to what ACT generates for everybody. I have trained many sales people in both products and my choice is Agendus unless the managment wants line item detail generated by ACT that only ACT for Palm can do.

    As soon as I can get my TMobile 600 I can see if the phone interface is any better for developers. Agendus will then need an update but this would be good news for TakePhone, another great app.


    P.S. Should it end up that T600's cannot return to the origional app when using the phone, then you will find that so annoying that the built in dialer looks good enough all of a sudden. Besides, what other program dials with just initals.

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