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    Has anyone figured out how to get their Mac Mail on their Treo, without having to use the website? In other words...using Snapper Mail, etc?


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    I don't have my Treo 600--one of the unlucky T-Mobile customers dangling in the wind, but I digress. I have been using 2bAnywhere's 2bA Mail to check my .Mac account. I plan to switch to Snappermail when I get my new baby, I mean Treo 600. I suspect that the settings for Snappermail will be similar:

    Type: POP3
    Username: [your .Mac username]
    Password: [your .Mac password]
    Mail Server:
    Email address: []
    Port: 110 (default)

    That has worked fine for me for nearly a year.

    I'll miss 2bA Mail's ability to check my Hotmail account when I switch to Snappermail. Snappermail has a workaround solution to retreive Hotmail messages through Fastmail, but Fastmail only pulls in the Hotmail messages at regular intervals. Guess I'll have to live with that until the folks at 2bAnywere start supporting the Treo 600.
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    In your SnapperMail Server Account settings (Edit Accounts | Server), enter the following:

    POP3 Server:
    Username: [your username]
    Password: [your password]

    SMTP Server:
    Username: [your username]
    password: [your password]

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    Oh sweet! I didn't think that .Mac was pop like a charm!

    thanks guys

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