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    Hello. Is anybody else having problems with Orange GPRS. I cannot access the internet, retrieve emails or send MMS. My handset shows the little triangle above the signal strength which according to the manual means i've got gprs but when i try to connect i get two little green arrows and it does not connect. According to the manual the two little green arrows indicate a CSD dial up connection. Has anyone else had this problem?? Or can yo explain the two little green arrows. Orange havn't got a clue and it's annoying me now.
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    The manual is in error. Two little green arrows indicates a GPRS connection. Two little grey arrows indicates a CSD connection and a little black triangle means you have GPRS signal but are not connected.
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    thanks for that. at least i know i've got gprs now. still cant use internet, email or mms though.

    When i click on internet, then on orange from the favorites. It then says sending at the bottom of the screen and the next thing i get an error message saying cannot find requested page.

    With mms it just says gprs not avialabe

    When i try to send/recieve email, it says cannot connect to server.

    Please help. Thanks.
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    From the Application screen, tap Pref.

    Then in the upper right, select Network.

    In Service, select Orange Internet

    Tap Details
    Tap Advanced.

    Check that IP Address: Automatic is ticked.

    Check that Query DNS is ticked.

    If they are not both ticked, tap Modify, Tap OK, and tick both settings.

    Try connecting again.
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    I don't have a problem with the internet over GPRS - apart from the times that GPRS seems to be unavailable: every evening after 10pm, a lot of Saturday, most of Sunday.

    I can't, however, get MMS working. If I try to connect with the Orange MMS network connection, I get a message stating that GPRS is unavailable. If I connect using Orange GPRS, and then try to send a picture, I get a message stating "Unable to open network connection", presumably because:
    a) there is a connection open already - GPRS
    b) the open connection is not the Orange MMS connection.

    I will give it a few more days, and then contact Orange - I don't actually intend to use MMS, but if I have the capability to do something, I want to make sure that it is available if/when I need it.
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    i've tried ticking the 2 boxes but it still doesn't work (orange had me do that about 10 times)
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    i've tried ticking the 2 boxes but it still doesn't work (orange had me do that about 10 times)
    Didn't work for me either - get them to re-provision your GPRS: this got my GPRS working fine.
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    Iv'e also tried this after having the same problem since midnight on sunday (is this significant?).

    I'm waiting for orange to re-provision at the moment will let you know if it works for me.
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    just had gprs reprovisioned and all is well again. Internet, email and mms all work perfectly. Thanks.
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    I had the same problem since last Wednesday 29/10. Spoke to Orange - I should have my GPRS working from 8.40 am tomorrow.

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    Everything is ok with mine now. Thanks for the help.

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