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    It's here and I dare say it's even more beautiful than the demos I played with...I'm dreading my call to Sprint CS. At least I'll be able to play with the Palm part for a day or two.

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    My Treo is now in my home town and Fed Ex has it and won't give it to me. It is scheduled to be delivered on Friday the 21st. I went to the building and the lady said "it is locked up in a can" she futher explained to me that a can is a semi trailer. "There is nothing I can do" ...

    So...the package is in my hometown and I can't get to it until Friday. What kind of thinking comes up with a concept like that? I didn't get the next day air so the "scheduled" date isn't until friday. You would think that it would be cheaper for Fed Ex to give it to me and get it out of their hands sooner than have to move it around and deal with it for two more days.

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    2:12pm CST fed ex delivers! I'll be away now for a while... hope I can activate it!
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    Well, that went smoothly. 877.789.3969 is the number to call.

    -Rob (from 600)
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    Got my treoo 600! Yes!! It was delivered at 10:30am today so I drove home at lunch so I can go see it, grab it and charge it! This treo is beautiful! I can't believe how small it is. I am amazed. Now, I hope the activation goes well - I'll call the number that everyone talks about as soon as I get home. I am an existring spring customer so I hope I will get that service credit, even if that means that I need to renew my contract. Crossing fingers....
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    I got to activate my phone but the lady wouldn't give me the service credit. She kept on saying that I would have to get a new line to get that. I'll try calling back again and ask for the service credit once more. I knew that was gonna happen....UGHHHHH I have no luck:-(
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    Got the email yesterday that mine shipped and would arrive on Friday. Did not pay for faster shipping. It arrived at noon today. Handspring apparently sprung for the FedEx express shipping because of the lengthy backorder. I was caught off guard--my cradle from Dan's hasn't even arrived yet.
    What a surprise. Wahoo.
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    all you recent T600 recipients are sprint people, right?
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    i ordered a GSM 600 just last weekend and am hoping it might arrive before i leave town in 2 weeks.
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    ordered from hand spring/sprint t600 on last day. Shipped late yesterday.
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    Yes, I am a Sprint person.
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    Just to clear up a bit of confusion.

    I spent 15 minutes on the phone with Handspring just now. Orders that are listed as "awaiting shipment" are in fact, still at Handspring's warehouse.

    When FedEx picks them up, we will get email notification. I've been "awaiting shipment" since yesterday, and it's killing me. I want a tracking number!


    PS Mine is a GSM Treo.
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    I ordered my phone on the 28th, it was shipped on Nov 17 and I got it today Nov 19 at 1 PM. I sent it regular Fed Ex. Can't believe I got it that fast. I guess if Fed Ex is slow, they process the packages as fast as they can. Glad I didn't pay the extra. I did the ESN swap with Sprint and everything worked perfect. It was up and running in less than 10 minutes. I tried to get anything I could from them, service credit, nights at 7 PM, but they would not budge. Asked the person to talk to a supervisor, but no go. Anyhow, I am so far real happy with the phone. I did manage to sell the Treo 300 to a guy at work, so I am doing OK.
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    I called 877.789.3969 and it was done in 3 minutes.

    Ordered on 10/29.
    Arrived on 11/19.
    Activated on 11/19. credit card was not charged yet....

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    Activation was a snap.
    Bit the bullet and signed up for a 2 year contract. Got $150, 7pm evenings and free PCS to PCS from Sprint (despite the fact that I have about 11 months remaining on my old contract).
    Couldn't be happier.
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    Yes, my Treo is via Sprint. I ordered the 29th and was sitting on 'Awaiting shipment' as it email notification.

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    Finally gotthe phone today, but it won't activate. The rep tells me to enter a number into the dialpad, and when I hit "dial" it automatically goes BACK to the dial pad. Now am told that I need to go to Sprint store and have them do something manually and call them to do it. WHy oh WHy must this be so hard?

    Also, I asked if I could renew contract for additional credit on the account and was told that maybe the store could do something, as well. I am so annoyed.

    AND of course now, neither phone works. I guess I better get to a store fast. I don't think I will have time until some time tomorrow. Oh bother! I think I will try calling once more.
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    Well I got mine yesterday morning and as soon as it was charged it was up and running no problems. The bad this is the calendar key is halfway pushed in and won't fully pop out. I called handspring and they said they would send me out a new one. Only problem is it won't be for 3 damn weeks! Oh well at least I can play with this one for awhile. I told them not to even bother sending me a refurbished one as this phone was only one day old and I expect a new one sent to me.
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    Finally got mine today (ordered 10/27), everything seems to be intact and operational. It is charging right now....and I am at I will activate it tonight.

    Wish me luck
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    FedEx delivered the phone yesterday afternoon. A day earlier than it was scheduled to be delivered which was today. The phone is great! Better than what I thought it would be. The keys are really close together (just have to get used to that), other than that I am impressed with the T600.
    Activation was very smooth, no problems. Now I get to play around with it.
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