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    sorry, man. no change here either.. i ordered on the morning of oct 27. i keep checking periodically... (ok, every hour), but the status doesn't change.

    my friend suggested that i go an buy one at full price at fry's, and then ebay off the one that comes in, just so that i can get one in my hands faster. (this must be what drug addiction is like )

    hopefully today, but that means we will not see until after this weekend....

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    Well it finally happened. My flip broke last night and now I have to use my headset to make and take calls... I called SPCS cust. Svc. Last night and was told that its under warranty til Dec 9th so ill go to the sprint store and see what they can do for me (probably gimmie a regular phone or something... Whatever) AAAARRRGH!!! If my 600 was here by now, this wouldn't have happened!
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    are you sure sprint wont cut you a deal on the 600 because of your 300 say something like a service credit rather than a new phone? perhaps that would drive your cost down even more. maybe they would even reduce the cost of a 600 in the store to the price you are getting from hs. then you could cancel your order and have instant gratification. of course you would probably know better than I would.
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    I am in the same situation. My flip completely came off on my 300 about a week ago and I am currently using my earpiece. Is this covered under the warranty? I just thought I was SOL until the my new 600 arrived. Which was ordered on the 27th and I still haven't seen any movement from "order received."
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    I think my phone may finally be shipping out soon! I ordered my T600 on the 26th, along with several accessories. The acessories were shipped last Friday and arrived on Monday. The status on those items was changed to "shipped" and the T600 status was marked as "Back Ordered." As of this afternoon, however, EVERYTHING has been changed to "Awaiting Shipment," even though I've already gotten the accessories. Oh well--as long as they ship my phone, I don't care. I ordered Next Day shipping, so if it goes out tomorrow (or perhaps tonight?) I'll have it before the weekend. Pray for me--my Sayno 5300 broke on 10/25, and I've been without a phone since! I'm dyin' over here!
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    (ok, so this might be a blatant attempt to bring this thread back to the top)

    dang it... the oct 27 orders should have been processed by now, after hearing about the people who ordered on the 25th..

    mine is still 'order received' this morning.

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    I am in the UK, just rang round a few dealers (3 or 4), found someone with stock & got delivery next day (Tuesday this week).

    Guess I may just have been lucky?
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    I was tempted to bump this thread again this morning too. I am still stuck at order received...ordered Oct 27th. I have heard of one person who ordered on the 26th who has seen movement(from this thread)....has anyone else?.....anyone...anyone.....tap tap this thing on? ...tap ...tap...tap...

    Handspring what is the deal? You are the flippin designer of this product and you can't deliver? I would think that you of all companies would have first dibs on stock after production. Perhaps not...can anyone explain this to me?

    Day 18 and waiting
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    Ordered on the 27th and still no movement.

    This is CRAZY!
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    i just got off the phone with a nice csr from hs. she said that she had just recieved a call earlier from a customer who had ordered on the 26th and said she would find whatever information she could and then email it back to us.

    this is good news i hope. at least i got someone who went a little further than "the website says order recieved, should be about 2-3 weeks."
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    I don't know what exactly is going on with my order, but HS is doing some weird stuff to it! As I posted earlier, my order status went from being ''Back Ordered" to "Awaiting Shipment." Since then, it went back to saying "Backordered." Then, it changed to "Credit Card Approved." Then, it went BACK to "Back Ordered." Now, it is once again at "Awaiting Shipment." I'm not sure what the hell the deal is, but I'm starting to get a little worried/upset/annoyed. I've never waited this long for ANYTHING, and I'm beginning to wish I hadn't. I should've just plunked down the $700 people wanted on eBay and have been done with it.
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    Thanks for the info lovedatreo,

    I called HS yesterday and just got a duh......... CSR. "That is what my computer says" I would be interested in hearing what your rep finds out. Keep us posted!

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    i am so tempted to just go to fry's and buy one at full price, then sell the one from handspring after i get it. i have never waited so long before, and it's killing me.

    how much do you think i can sell the other one for? do you think i can get close to recovering the $599?

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    I ordered mine Oct. 26th. Similar to what others have seen, I've had my status go from the "Awaiting Shipment" (i.e., the unfulfillment warehouse)... and then change to "partially shipped". Basically, whatever additional accessories they had in stock they shipped out (I just received the stereo headphone adapter).

    I called HS to get an update, and the guy told me that they're expecting additional Sprint 600 units in on the 17th. So, in short, unless they get them in any earlier, I wouldn't expect to get it until mid/late next week at a minimum (express shipment or not). Even if they did get them in earlier, it wonít go out over the weekend anyways.

    Kind of a bummer, but that's what Iíve heard. If anyone has more recent info, then disregard my post.
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    When did you call HS?
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    It was on Monday (10th), so if anyone has more recent info from HS...
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    from handspring csr:

    I was not able to get a time frame yet for the delivery of your order. My best suggestion is to call back tomorrow. I will not be here but someone else might be able to get that information for you.

    Thank You,
    palmOne formerly Handspring Customer Care

    oh well, i was really hoping it would be something good. maybe something like "oh, our site has been having problems but your order was shipped early this morning. should be there tomarrow at seven." guess i will have to go into the weekend alone with my old pal the t300.
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    I ordered mine on the 29th and I am _not_ in a rush. The closer it comes to the 24th, when I can port my number over from T-Mobile, the better. Of course, if it doesn't come by the 30th then I lose that $150. rebate on a new contract -- but it sounds like that's an ongoing deal anyway.
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    Ordered on the 29th and no changes at all in the status. I think this is really a good thing. After all, I have had to exercise apatience that I previsouly didn't have.
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    some sort of activity... my status changed from "order received" to "credit card approved".

    i ordered on 10/27 int he morning 7:30am.....

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