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    Few days ago, I have posted an Adv to sale my new T600.

    Now, I have changed my view about my T600 – from upset to crush. While I am waiting for the new buyer, I started to fall in love to my T600.

    Here is the story:

    I was Sony Ericsson P800 user before I changed to T600. And I also own a Sony CLIE T665. Both P800 and CLIE are having High-res screen.

    I upset because:
    1.) It is very big difference to change from a High-res screen to Low-res screen.
    2.) Camera is too disappointed. P800’s camera is poor; however, I never expect T600 camera can be such poor.
    3.) The phone crashed/reset very often whenever I installed new Apps which is not supported. Quite a lot of Apps I used in my CLIE are not supported.
    4.) The battery life. On the first day, I fully charged at night. The next day, I have 100% before I drove to work. After I parked my car at the under ground car park, I saw the battery drained from 95% to 38%. Wow…!!! This is so crazy….!!!

    1.)After few days, I think I can live with the Low-res now. I have installed few wallpapers onto the phone, looks better now.
    2.)I will not use the Camera anymore.
    3.)Finally, I managed to install most of them Apps that I need from few other websites. Now, I am a happy potatoe....
    4.)The battery drained because; when I was in the under ground, there is no signal. The phone is trying very hard to detect the signal and that’s all my juice drained. Now, I just have to be more alert, whenever I go below the horizontal ground level, I must make sure that I switch off the Mobile.

    On the second day, I started with 100% battery life. This time, the battery last for 2 ½ days. Within these 2 ½ days, I have make many calls, SMS, Hot-Sync, Games, installing/trying some Apps. I am so surprise the battery life is so good! If not because of the underground parking, I wouldn’t feel so upset about my new T600.

    Now! I will keep my T600 and start to make love with it.

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    Originally posted by nomadmy

    Now! I will keep my T600 and start to make love with it.

    THe T600 is super, brilliant and fantastic, but it's not THATgood

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