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    I use Eudora IMAP at work and home to access my email. Can I use any of the POP3 email clients for Palm on my Treo600, and use the "Leave copy on server" option? If I download new email to my Treo, leaving a copy on the server, when I check it from work or home in Eudora, will it be the same? Will this be transparent?


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    nope. imap and pop3 are different protocols and you can't simply interchange them. kinda like one or the other. there aren't any imap supporting palm email programs that i know of either. theres gotta be a way around it though, search google for something like "retrieving imap with pop3" or the likes

    if you find anything good let us know
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    I do this all the time. You just have to make sure your server supports pop3 as well.
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    If the server supports pop3 in addition to IMAP, then yes.

    Only thing you might see is that if you download stuff in pop3 first, it'll be marked as read when you go back to the IMAP interface at work.

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    There is an ongoing discussion of IMAP programs for the Treo 600 in the "Communications" forum here:

    It looks like there are 5 "possible" solutions (in alphabetical order):



    Iambic Mail



    I would try each one and see which works the best for you before purchasing. Good luck!

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