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    Anyone having this problem.

    The up button on my 5 way navagation control ( D pad)

    has to be pressed down harder then the rest. Didnt notice this until today . Dont think it was like that before , Ive had treo 600 for 2 weeks.

    The Down, Left & right all I do is touch and it goes but the up control I have to push down ll the way .

    If this is a probelm who would I contact . I bought my phoen from Handspring but it is a sprint phone.

    Thank you
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    Can't say that I've had any button problems at all - all the d-pad directions are equally light on my 600.
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    My biggest problem with the 5 way is remembering what a stylus is! Sort of a bummer Agendus doesn't make use of it.

    All directions work well for me.

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