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    I thought there was a way to silence the clicking made when pressing the keyboard buttons and the 5way pad, yet retain the other system sounds, such as the hotsync startup/stop sound. Is there such a way, or must I settle for shutting off system sounds and accept the silencing of non-button-pressing-sounds as well?

    Also, I notice that the preferences screen in my manual does not match the pref screen on my Treo600. The Alarm sound option indicated in the manual is missing from the General section. I assume that this is a change made after printing the manual which reflects the move of this functionality to the Pref/Sound section. Any comments?

    Finally, is there an easier way to disable auto-off then using a shortcut? PDAnet simply hangs up when auto-off strikes. And if, as the manual states, the wireless mode remains on, why, indeed, does auto-off disconnect PDAnet? And is there a shortcut to reinstate auto-off, or must one do a soft reset?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the same PDANET disconnect problem when auto off kicks in. Because the max auto off time is 3min, I can only use PDANET for 3 minutes before gettong discnnected. Did not have this problem with PalmNet.

    Anyone knows how to fix it ?
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    This is something that the modem software maker should deal with - otherwise their software is poor. It is not for the Treo to do it out of the box.
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    I believe I may have identified the problem (bug?) with Auto-off and PDAnet

    I was having the Treo lock and turnoff upon power off, requiring a password to access the Treo upon power up. I have since eliminated that arrangement, and PDAnet no longer cuts out.

    I surmise that the code written into PDAnet somehow keeps cycling the power off cycle to turn back on right away, but when a password is called for, that can not happen automatically.

    This may not be why this happens, since the Treo goes dark and remains dark, that is, it does not reawaken and ask for a password.

    Nonetheless, the issue has gone away since I no longer use a password to block access to the Treo.

    I would suggest, however, that this is a bug which should be addressed. I have suggested as much to the developer.

    I wonder if this is your problem as well.
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    It is the same problem. I added 30min delay before auto off & lock so I can use PDANET for at least 30min. I do not want to lose security unless there is other software that I can use to lock my Treo without losing PDANET.

    Thanks for your advice.
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    I've been teaching myself to program and one of the things I have found is that the system sound control (in prefs general) controls the default alarm sound. I have not found how to change the prefs programatically (it requires use of an undocumented system function).

    I believe this is part of the reason why some alarm programs don't work. (the other is to do with the keyguard)

    I have written an alarm app that gets around these - but would be very interested in anyone who can tell me how to set the alarm prefs differently (note - prefSetPrefs does not actually make a change as is confusingly noted lower in the ref manual).

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