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    I think that of the acc. that came with the treo 6oo the a cradle should have deemed in order. we shouldn' t have to fool around with all the wires and joint connections. Does anybody know if the web favorites and picture caller id and ring tones will copy over during a sync?
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    There are Power Tips for Graffiti in the Memo pad?
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    How come right now, in the library, I think I am successfully suppressing my "I won't see a TMo GSM 600 til Dec" sorrow and I open a Dec Popular Mechanics (pg 38) and see a full page write up with pic? Bummer! 270...hold up for a little longer
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    HOW COME you people bought the 600 when you knew most of these problems or could have found out about the problems by doing some RESEARCH????????

    It sounds to me like some of you had buyers remorse or your wives/girlfriends found out you paid that much for a phone so now you're going to b*tch!
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    Most of these posts are humorous.

    HOW COME people get bent over them?

    HOW COME people don't post in the correct forums?

    HOW COME no one knows where the cookies are when you need one?
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    Duuuuude, I love my Treo 600.

    I just think it should have a unified audio/video format built in to Palm OS 5 that isn't limited to only .midi files. PalmOne should be progressive in this.

    There's always room to improve a device, especially on something that has hardware specs like T600.

    How come we can't voice our opinions? heh!
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    How come people complain so much?
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    HOW COME: I'm so happy my 600 has a weaker vibrator. I hated that my 300's vibrator was louder than it's ring.
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    How come the purple trolls haven't hyjacked this thread yet?
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    How come I love my Treo 600 so much and yet find room to complain about its shortcomings?

    How come it does not support animated wallpaper?

    How come no SD Bluetooth or SD Wi-Fi adapters are available yet?

    How come I can't assign MP3's to ringtones?

    How come I can't run Java apps?

    How come there is a button to hang-up ALL calls and not ONE call with call-waiting?
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    How Come The Phone's Built-in Speaker was not built on the side of the phone where the volume buttons are????????????
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    HOW COME I can never remember how to program in the access code for the million 800 numbers I use for conference calls?

    HOW COME the number pad within the keyboard stops working every now and then when I am on a call

    HOW COME the dial pad disappears from the display after a call has been going for awhile...sometime I have long voicemail messages that go on and on until I can press a button to get rid of them and when I do, the dial pad has disappeared

    HOW COME I am still obsessed with this phone after 6 months...if only I had the time and memory to do more research and follow this forum for more tips and techniques

    HOW COME I found THE BEST case for my phone for 9.99 at CompUSA when I bought countless expensive ones for my Treo300

    HOW COME I enjoy reading these posts so feels like I know some of you
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    This is by far one of the more entertaining threads on this site. TreoDaddeo6's posts are especially funny. Not to mention his avatar.
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    How come people always buy the phone first and start complaining later.

    How come they don't read about the phone before spending xxx$
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