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    It appears that handspring is selling software that there own email client is based on.

    I'm not sure (maybe someone can verify), but it appears that this is the company that currently makes the Treo Mail program. It says in the description that "Treo Mail will be migrating to MessageXpress over the next few months." It appears to be a free upgrade if you have the Treo Mail now and an account? Perhaps this is the Orange client?

    Regardless $99.00 is a rip. So is $49.00 for snappermail for that matter. Palm's own Versamail 2.5 is a much better value at $34.95. Even though it does not list the Treo600 is compatible hardware, I been using for a month now on the my Treo and it works great! Seems to have more features than both the other products. It also seems to be able to wake the Treo600 keylock and download mail on scheduled intervals. I've read on these boards that snappermail can't do this? May favorite feature is the Documents To Go integration for attachments.
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    It is the same company. I have used Treo Mail faithfully for over a year, renewed my contract and just recently did the migration (MessageXpress) for my 270. I am using the Internet / POP 3 service ($49.95). It doesn't have all the features that Treo Mail did, but for me it works better and way faster. I am looking forward to receiving my 600 (GSM) and installing the MessageXpress client for that phone. Thanks for the heads up on Versamail 2.5. I will check it out.


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