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    I searched through previous threads on accessing Hotmail, and registered with the mobile service by registering with the SMS they sent me. Still no cigar-- when I try the site, there's content, but no link to Hotmail.

    Does anyone have a working link? The ones I've tried get me as far as the sign-on page, but I then get an Enable Cookies error page. Cookies are (be default) enabled in Blazer.
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    I went to, clicked on hotmail link...typed in my msn addy and password and my mail.
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    How strange! The page that comes up for me doesn't have a hotmail link.
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    Should show you a sign on and password area there to fill in.
    I forgot I tried mobile and ended up experimenting with mail instead. Let me know if it worked for you too.
    If not, try:
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I'm taken each time to the Enable Cookies page. There must be some mobile log-on page, but I can't see to find it.
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    I had the same problem with sites that require cookies. I found the solution somewhere in the boards. Basically find the freeware application called Filez, run it and delte the file that stores your Web Cookies. Blazer will recreate it and you should be good to go. I had to do this one a week ago and have had no problems since then.
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    What url did you then log onto?
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    Once I got to the log in page and logged in, I bookmarked the page:

    Pulled it up on the desktop just now and that link takes you to a hotmail login page.
    Hope this helps.
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    This is what I use...


    On a side note, you can check out the mobile MSN page (PDA optimized) here
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    I was able to get on with the regular website with no problem.
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    I'd have to suspect a browser problem, because none of these links work for me. I appreciate the help, though.

    I'll try BryanRagon's fix when I get home tonight. If someone can let me know the file name that holds the cookies to delete, I'd appreciate it, because I don't want to risk a hard reset.
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    I dug up an earlier post, which suggests a Sprint network problem

    I'm in New York-- can anyone from this area access Hotmail?
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    The Sprint Tier 2 person had me do a hard reset, and I now have functionality for Hotmail (and other cookie enabled sites)

    I just hope nothing in the Blazer settings gets changed or corrupted when I synch to restore...
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    If a hard reset fixed the problem, them I'm betting you had corrupt cookies file also (a hard reset would obviously recreate that file also). The file name is "Web Cookies." Very original, I thought Just in case anyone else with this problem wanted to try a fix without a hard reset.


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