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    So who is switching carriers?

    GSM Treo link
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Fortunately (?) I don't have to. Still gotta wait two weeks for it though!!!

    "We are currently taking pre-orders for Treo 600 with Cingular Wireless service. We expect to begin processing orders on November 17, 2003. However, we are anticipating extremely high demand which could result in additional delays once orders begin to ship."

    I'm wondering if the ~Nov. 23rd date has some credence for TMO?
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    Bought mine, looks like a good b-day present for me
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    Well that's just great, I just tried to order one and it won't accept my 270's serial #!

    Form Errors!

    Your entries have produced errors. Please correct the following problems and try again.

    There is a problem with the serial number you entered. Please double-check and re-enter. If you entered the number correctly and still receive this message, please contact Customer Care at 1.888.565.9393.
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    Tempting, but I have had so many major problems with Cingulars billing and service. Its just not worth the hastle.
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    I just ordered mine. my t270 is starting to have the dreaded speaker problems so i hope it will last a few weeks.
    morris stalk
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    Ordered mine. Do you think there's ANY chance that they'll ship them before Nov. 17th? I can't wait!
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    still waiting for t-mo. i need that unlimited data plan
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    Me too. Need the unlimited plan. I hope TMo gets something out here soon!
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    Cingular has great coverage in my home area, but does not have their GSM service available here yet. I'm tempted to buy a 600 and have it activated in a Cingular GSM market (with the assistance of a good friend) with a nationwide plan and use it in my home area. I have been generally happy with T-Mo, but am not willing to wait any longer!
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    My worry is this...

    Cingular Now through Nov whatever...
    then Tmobile Nov-Dec...
    then AT&T Dec-Jan..
    Then... unlocked? Yeah.... right.

    If each carrier has negotiated an 'exclusive period' I suspect we'll form a lynch mob for whatever marketing a-hole decided that was a good idea.
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    This is killing me! I switched from Cingular to TMO for the 270 because Cingular does not have GSM in my area. Now the GSM 600 is finally available but not for TMO...I can't justify switching again and after waiting on this thing since June I am so frustraited that I am half tempted to get a side-kick or something and call it a day.
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    It was my impression palmone would be selling an unlocked version of the Cingular Treo 600. The only drawback is the Cingular screens popping up. If you can't wait any longer and, you don't mind the Cingular screens, buy the unlocked version.
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    If it is truly unlocked I might just do that. Guess I will just have to call tomorrow to see what is what. It is amazing how this waiting can turn great anticipation into anger and frustration.

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