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    I'm determined to run my T600 life with the stylus in its holster, and doing fine except for one thing: I can't find a key that will take me from page to page in my "Favorites". I can get there by scrolling through the whole page, but that's not very convenient. I expected the "2" key to take me to Page 2, but the keys are just dead while I'm in Favorites.
    Am I missing something?
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    It's not perfect, but you can use the right d-pad button to scroll to the right and get to the second page in two clicks, without having to scroll through the entire page.
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    If you hold the silver alt/option/whatever button, up and down will flip through pages in favorites.
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    Thanks, Snerdy. Back into the holster goes the stylus!

    Shame on me for not discovering that myself, but shame on Handspring for programming the up-down keys to scroll from left to right!

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