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    Well, I ordered the T600 via the upgrade for $399 on Oct. 29, just in time.

    Now get this: Just yesterday, the hinge (the right side) broke on my T300!

    This was my original T300 and had it for about 13 months. I had kept it in a CaseTechworke case (sans clip) and also had modified a Vaja case as a belt clip holder. I dropped the T300 only once--and it had the CaseTechworks case to protect it.

    I can still make phone calls with the T300, but it's so akward. I was planning to sell my T300 but obviously I can't now. The speaker cuts in and out as well.

    Any ideas on how to get a replacement T300 asap while my T600 arrives? Originally, I had ordered my T300 via Handspring in October 2002, so I may be SOL.


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    I had sprint insurance. I ordered a replacement fromŒ
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    I've seen some T300's with cracked hinges still for sale on eBay. Of course, you won't get the best price...

    Good luck!


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