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    I just got my Treo 300 and I'm getting ready to get the service for it from sprint. The only thing is, I'm trying to figure out a way to install ringtones for my phone. I can't find anything that will work, and I was wondering if anyone here had done this before and if so, could give me a littlew guideance as to what to do. I would appriciate it a hole lot if you could. Thank you soo much. If you have anything to help re-post or e-mail me at
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    The Treo 300 uses standard mono or polyphonic MIDI files, but it can't use them directly (they must be encapsulated in the PDB format).

    You'll need to get a Treo 300 ring tone manager such as TCRinger (recommended) or Ringo (be aware that you must use a ring tone manager compatible with the Treo 300, ones for Treo 180/270 alone won't work).

    To convert MIDI files into a format understandable by the Treo, TreoCentral has a nifty MIDI to PDB conversion utility at

    After you have the PDB file you can hotsync it with your Treo and then use the ring tone manager to install the ringer into the Radio sub-system. There has been plenty written here on the subject and a simple search will turn up lots of useful advice.

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