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    I can't remember how to find it but I stumbled on one in Windows Me on my laptop. When I hit it it played the "Buddy Holly" video by Weezer.

    I think there is a site for finding them. Try a google search for Easter Eggs
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    This site was listed in my Google search. Heed the warning at the top of the page: "Use caution will any Easter Egg, although I have never heard of it happening, you may damage, drain your battery or require a soft or hard reset on your PalmŪ handheld. Use at your own risk. Some Easter Eggs will only work with specific versions. "

    BTW - The easter egg appears on my 180.
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    I saw the little yellow Taxi Car going accross my screen from Right to left while making a call, it drove above buttons accross the bottom while making a call. Very cool. Just got the egg up last pm, and saw the taxi about 14hrs later.
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    I just saw the taxi too! I had just made a phone call and I it zoom across the buttons at the bottom. It's funny how easily entertained we are!
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    lol, rpl! you're so right!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The taxi wanders past the screen about once or twice a day - and it's very cool!
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    I've had the egg on my Treo for a couple of weeks now, and tonight I finally saw the taxi during a phone call. I wonder if it shows up only then ....
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    I ran into an old friend Saturday morning and during the conversation I pulled out the T600 to show off pictures of grandbaby. During my 'presentation' this little yellow taxi ran from right to left across the screen. He's like, "what the h*ll was that?" I was elated. After all the Palms I've owned, I finally saw it! I am apprently easily pleased in my old age. LOL
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    Perhaps the taxi is voice activated? :P
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    I have seen the taxi a few times ... it is cool. My daughter complained it made her lose a ball while playing The Prison.

    Saw the ship while jotting down notes in Memo Pad. Pretty neat. Saw both on my old 300 as well.
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    Before I try this egg myself, is there a way to turn it off?
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    Do you have to have graffiti anywhere working for this. BTW, I installed GA and it worked, now it doesn't. Any suggestions?
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    Wel, finally got my easter egg...interesting...took me about 5 minutes of doodling little circles in the lower right corner. Wonder who started doing this expecting an egg...
    Peter M.
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    You can turn off the egg... just tap on it with the stylus
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    Well, I've seen the taxi now, just waiting to see what else pops up.

    Thanks for figuring this thing out.

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    two weeks i've been waiting, and just caught my first taxi!
    why am i so pleased with myself?
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    Is the Taxi random or does it happen at a particular time of the day?
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    Originally posted by starrwulfe
    Anyone know if the pac man can be enabled? I got it a few times on my treo 300. Instead of the flipping HS logo, you get pac man eating some dots across the screen. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
    That is a feature of a program called skinner available here:
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