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    Here's a quick review of the Treo 600 screen protector that is sold by Boxwave.

    -Fits screen well
    -Significantly reduces glare
    -Nice satin feel

    -One shot to apply correctly
    -Did I mention expensive?

    Performance wise, this is one of the best protectors I have ever used. However, at $15 for one, it is insanely expensive.

    Yes, that's right, ONE.
    Quite a bit for a 5 cent piece of plastic. Most other people give you at least 3, if not more.

    Note: this a pliable piece of plastic film, not a hard piece like Brando's, etc. It is definitely one time use.

    So, if price is not object, this is a excellent solution. However, I wish Boxwave would stop the fleecing of new Treo 600 owners.

    If price is no object, this
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    I think this is the best screen protector I have ever used, and I have had MANY PDAs. I also think it is multi-use, no problem. The plastic is thick enough to hold its shape under running water (i.e. it will not fold over on itself) I agree its expensive to just get one, but I also think its worth the money. (My Openion)

    The glare reduction is significant, and my first impression is that it is helping to minimize the cheak oil problem on the screen.

    Disclamer: These are my first impressions, I'll let you know if they change

    Note: this a pliable piece of plastic film
    I'm not sure we got the same product.
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    yes, they are the same...yes, it is thicker, but still relatively soft, compared to 'hard' ones.

    yes, the glare reduction is very good.

    but $15?!?
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    Yep, the price is steep but IMHO - nothing else even comes close. I paid hundreds of dollars for my T600 so I have no problem spending $15 in order to protect the screen.
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    You dont get just one shot with them. I just ordered mine and when I got it and put it on the first time I got a little dust trapped under it and I had no problem takin git off and washing it under water and then applying it again.
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    Derek, I agree. Also, I purchased 3 of them for $27 dollars so I guess that makes them about $9 apiece($10 with shipping)

    I also think that the observations above are in line. The only thing that I would add is that the one shot thing is quite true. Lint, dust, and fine hairs are easily caught in between the protection and the screen. It's somewhat noticeable depending on how picky you are(I am). So, when putting them on, do it once! With that said, I think the price is ok and definitely provides some great protection for this expensive toy.
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    I have used the WriteShields(3/$29.99) and Brando protectors($12 each) and found both of these to be excellent. Brighthand has a great review of PDA screen protectors. Boxwave was #1 followed bt WriteShields. Both the Boxwave and WriteShields are "washable" and reuseable. Three WS should last a year on a Treo600 since I have limited stylus use.
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