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    Waiting for t600 which should arrive tomorrow from Belgium as a replacement for my 4th t270. They said since it would come as a replacement it would be bare 600 and they would send me the cd separately from uk.

    If the cd doesn't arrive tomorrow can i still use the phone and sync with mac or is there something important on cd. If i don't receive the cd at all am i missing something. Mac is already set up[ for t270 using ical and isync.

    Also will my 270 cradle fit? they said keep the cradles. I've got a travel charger cradle and car charger

    ta in advance
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    surely someone can take the 30 seconds to tell e - i'm only interested in the mac friendly side of it
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    The phone and most Treo functions will work straight away without synching.

    I know its very Mac OSX friendly (less so with my OS9)

    Don't think it fits the 270 cradle but does fit the 270 cables.

    Am not enough of an expert to know if you should wait for the CD before synching with iCal and iSync. Guess you could try and soft or hard reset if it causes problems...

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