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    i downloaded virtual dub 1.5.1 and am wondering about your settings. what frame rate do you use and what settings for interleaving. i am having a sound sync problem. any help will be great
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    hey guys,
    i just got my treo 600 and downloaded trial of mmplayer
    quick question( sorry for simplicity)
    what formats does mmplayer support?
    Divx?(compressed avi)
    uncompressed avi?

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    n reference to using Mencoder...

    I saw the settings posted in the dvdrhelp forum and i downloaded mencoder (version 0.7.7). I guess my first question is, how do you launch the terminal? when i double click on the icon for mencoder a box comes up with the ability to set a bunch of parameters, none of which seem to resemble those listed in the post. If I click on "Start Conversion" then the terminal opens but it automatically starts doing something (encoding?) (and if so at what settings?).

    Am I using the correct version of mencoder? Does anyone have a screenshot of what exactly should be done?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I need to find a version of the lame Mp3 codec that is already compiled. I can only find the versions that won't work on the internet...
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