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    anyone know what happens when using stereo headphones without a mic for say mp3s, when a call comes in. Do the headphones have to be pulled out or does the call also come through the headphones and use the onboard/i.e. ontreo mic. If yes then i have a free hands free kit for my car all i have to do is connect my "car stereo line in cassette" wihc i use for playing my mp3 device in my car to the treo!!

    The big question is will it work??
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    I have the stereo adaptor with my Treo 600. Yesterday I had a Cassette adaptor plugged into my Treo stereo adaptor so I can listen to my MP3's while driving around town. I recieved a call and I was able to use the treo 6's mic to speak while hearing the caller thru the car speakers. I did have to turn down the volume somewhat but overall it works.

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    got a 2.5 adaptor but does not allow me to talk to callers i can hear hem but not speak yous say you can or was that just a over sight?
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    With the adapter, you can hear the phone call through the stereo can speak to the other end through the microphone. I used it over the weekend in the car using the stereo cassette adapter. It worked fine, I just had to get the volume right so the other end didn't hear the feedback of their own voice.

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