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    I cant go back to my nokia 6310i (which now seems prehistoric to me) after getting the treo 600 as an upgrade from orange free BUT!

    1: Calls dont come through during hotsync,

    2: calls drop frequently! it then stops responding proberbly looking for network covarge. I tend to keep a reset pin with me becuse its faster to reset and turn wireless mode on than to give it its own time ( i think due to network reception btw i am in central london covarage was fine with my nokia 6310i)

    3: battery is very short lived before recharge is required!

    4: i cant use many apps that i used to on my m505!

    5: fax which i have as line 2 does not work since i moved to the treo k (let alone recive the fax to the treo itself to veiw and print via the treo).

    Compare the phone to a 6310i its near useless but i find it hard to part with! What a shame! Also The list does go on and i am praying hard that a software update will address some of these issues.

    Brothers we are not there yet!!

    please forgive my spelling ( iam not gonna bother correcting it)
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