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    Its not out yet, but the great folks that have brought us NesEm I suppose is making a new emulator formatted for the Treo 600 specifically. I assume its game gear/sega master system. Nonetheless, the 2 screens look GREAT.

    Here is where they say they are beta testing, in which the FIRST device they are testing for is Treo 600:
    Original info on it:

    I don't know abot you guys but I am excited. The Palm games aren't all that great. And for those of you saying, you didn't buy your treo 600 for games did you? Well, I like the treo 600 mainly cause its an all in one thing I always got. I don't want to carry around my GBA and most old games are better than GBA. In conclusion, I DID by my treo 600 to play games, among other things of course.
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    It's Nintendo Entertainment System emulator (NESem)
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    No, it's called Gizmo and it is a Game Gear / Master system emulator for palm. Have a look at the links the original poster provided.

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