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    Ok, I know this is probably impossible.

    I am wondering if the Treo 600 can handle streaming radio at all? If so, would it be able to handle ITunes, streaming radio? Probably not, I just started listening to this crazy streaming 80's music, its like all my cds playing on the radio! The kbps is only like 32-64 usually too, so it probably could handle it. Anybody know anyways to handle streaming radio.

    Ohh man, if that could happen, and you could tell me, I'd give you ALL the love in the world. all of it.
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    I believe there is a beta of Aeroplayer which handles streaming radio.
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    The Treo can handle streaming radio from Shoutcast using the new beta of Pocket Tunes. It's extremely cool, I have a couple of music stations and 2 stations that play comedy bits all day long - in the past day I heard some classic Cosby as well as Steven Wright, Chris Rock and many more. Info is here:

    I don't know how consistently it can handle 32-64; I usually listen to 24kps (although I'm right now experiementing with a 56kbps station and it sounds good) and it's certainly good enough quality with almost no buffer pauses.
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