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    hi !

    like another poster 2 weeks ago every time i try and start ultralingua v2 on the TREO600 i get a soft reset.

    anybody got tips/patches ?

    do you have another dictionary soft working on the TREO600 you would rather suggest ?

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    It's, meanwhile, a known bug. Have been interacting with Ultralingua tech support for the last couple of weeks. They're puzzled about the bug, however, have not found a solution yet. Although I like Ultralingua, I've opted for the Collins dictionary from and this works fine (if used with the stylus!).
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    Have you guys found any solutions to this? I just got a new Treo 650 and the Palm Collins Spanish dictionary resets it as well. I sent an email to TomTom, but it looks like they've changed their business around and advertise nothing of the old Collins apps. Also, Handango appears to not sell them anymore, nor do they appear to be available in other places.

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