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    I see postings on the board from Spain and Singapore for Treo 600. I live in Northern California. I'm on Cingular GSM. I've used my 600 now in Canada, Ireland, England, Belgium and France.

    Where are you? and what network are you on? Let's see who posts the most remote and exotic place where they have used a 600. Even the cdma units can take part in this as they roam in South America, Canada and the Caribbean.
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    São Paulo, Brasil....waiting for the dang GSM version. CDMA here is not worth obtaining unless you are willing to pay 60% the value of the phone on import tax.

    I even thought of trying to get one from Singapore, but their price is too high for me. Anything over $650 is beyond my reach for the moment. There was a post of someone who got one there for that price, but I found not site or any indication in any site of that price. They were all over 700 USD. Handspring´s international links are useless too.
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