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    Ok, Im only 16 so don't have a good income. Nonetheless I want to get either a 256 or a 512 SD card. Here is the cheapest prices I have read of:

    256 MB SanDisk at Costco - $50

    512 MB SanDisk at some random internet site - $140

    Anybody get em cheaper, buy em used, or anything? Anybody want to sell me one discount? Thanks.
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    That's the last website you'll ever have to go to. All the sites they list on their are pretty reputable. I have ordered from many different vendors with no issues.
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    I just ordered one of these Kingston 512 cards, offers $15 mail-in rebate! Link is...
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    be very careful to buy good cards guys! cheap ones can damage the treo or other readers. look for the notch and the write protect switch.
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    i bought a scandisk 512 from ecost for $149, it has the motch, it has the write portection tab and it wirks great, have been using it for about 3 weeks! take care, jay
    ps it is amazing how much it holds. J

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