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    Believe it, or not, I've never created an .mp3 (never had the desire until Pocket Tunes and my Treo!). I've got a few CD's recorded to my hard disk in the default Windows Media Player format. How do I convert them to .mp3, and how transfer them to my Treo (no SD card yet)?

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    OK... looks like I *DO* need an SD card for the files. Will pick one up tomorrow. Are there any FREE plug-ins for Windows Media Player to create .mp3 files?
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    Easy! Download iTunes for Windows (a free download from Apple). Pop in a CD. Click the Import button. That's it, now all those songs are on your computer in .mp3 format. iTunes will also burn the music back to CD, in .mp3 or .aiff format.
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    Perfect! Thanks!

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