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    Just bought the Treo 600 from Best Buy 2 days ago..and absolutely love it! I installed PocketTunes and noticed that whenever a song plays through the internal speaker or (for that matter) when the phone rings and the ringtone goes off at a decent volume...the speaker rattles and distortes. When I place my finger firmly behind the back of the case, where the speaker is, the phone does not rattle or distort whatsoever. I cant tell if the rattling/distortion is normal or if my particular phone unit is defective (maybe the casing is loose)? Anybody could tell me if their Treo 600 does or does not do this ..would help me out a lot. Thanks!
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    Well, I'm not sure. I know that when i first got mine the speaker distorted when i turned ptunes up really high, i think i just turned it down.

    I'd suggest playing w/ volume - listen to music, use apps that have sounds, and make calls (include using speaker phone). see if distortion occurs just at high volume or if it seems to be a defective speaker (which would crackle @ lower volumes also). Hope that helps, u've probably already done this though. I turn my ringer up high, but mp3s and voice distort @ highest volume i think (not willing to turn it up that high now).

    Oh yeah, glad u like your treo. I love mine too, as does my wife.
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    it might be defective because mines is. It was messed up by the second day
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    I read on other posts that it is a common problem with all 600's.

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