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    I've been calling around all over the bay area looking for a treo600. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    Anyway, needed to stop off at Fry's in Palo Alto... Blam! Last one on the shelf. I already have a SprintPCS plan, so I wasn't going to get the discount anyway. Lucky me!
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    Did you check with Handspring on their upgrade program for existing sprint customers? The price was $399. I don't recall the deadline for the program, but it would be worth investigating depending on the price you paid.
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    I did... unfortunately your phone has to have been active for 18 months to qualify.

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    the deadline was the 29th, but the 18 month thing was a falsehood. I had mine for 11 months and I had no problems. I don't recall seeing anything about a 18 month period.
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    either way... that sux.

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