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    Voicestream sent me a replacement unit and the signal is poor at best. However when compared to the signal in the old unit, which I still posess, the signal strength is much better.

    I down loaded the radio reset utility from Handspring and found there to be no difference.

    Before returning the replacement item, does anyone have any recommendations?
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    It sounds like the best option for you is to return for warranty.

    Just in case anyone else has similar antenna or reception issues "post warranty" here's a little advice:
    Most likely it is a mechanical problem with the stamped metal contact that connects the PCB to the antenna. It is a gold plated component that is soldered to the PCB. It gets compressed by the antenna post and is always under load. The solder joint broke on the contact in my T300 and poor RF performance was the result. Of course you need to dig into the phone to investigate and repair. Most likely my failure was caused by a brittle solder joint that fractured when I dropped my phone.


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