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    what is better on the T600, AvantGo or Vindigo ???

    Anybody a user on their 600?

    People that have used both (even on other devices) are especially invited to weigh in also.
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    I use both on my T600. Each has a completely different function. Both work perfectly.

    - Jon
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    Thanks for reply and sorry if newbie feedback. I have gone to both of their websites and they seem very similar.

    My PCS Vision is provisioning so I can't actually download them right now but will once this finishes.

    If you were limited to only having/buying one, which one would you pick and why?
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    Again, they both serve totally different purposes. Try em both and YOU decide. Avantgo is totally free. Vindigo gives you 30 days to play before you have to pay? Something like that...

    - Jon
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    You won't have to worry about price ... if you stick w/the base plan -- it's free.

    Haven't tried Vindigo, but I think I'll try it out.

    Hope that helps ... Tom
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    I haven't seen anyone answer the original question, so I'll take a stab at it.

    Avantgo is a company that was recently acquired by Sybase. They are hoping to make money by building interfaces to Enterprise apps and displaying those on PDA devices.

    They have a client that functions both as a browser and an offline news reader. If you subscribe to a free account at Avantgo, they will give you a set limit of channels that will be updated whenever you "sync" the client. You can sync the Avantgo client both as a part of the PC Hotsync process, and a wireless sync that connects over the air and updates the pages with the latest versions.

    There are a bunch of cool channels that are available, although some news bureaus (like CNN, The Economist and others) have withdrawn their channels, probably because they didn't want the cost to maintain them.

    If you ever go on, there is an option-- "Download to my PDA" -- when you select that, it interfaces with Avantgo to download those particular directions to a channel on your device. You have to have an open channel on Avantgo so that the directions can be saved. After you do that, sync, and then -- VOILA-- turn by turn instrux on how to get THERE from HERE.

    Finally, you can also build your own channels where you just point Avantgo to a particular web page, and then specify how many links deep that the channel will retrieve. I have had mixed luck with that, since the web pages are not optimized for handhelds.

    On the Vindigo tip, consider it like a mobile Zagat survey crossed with a TimeOutNewYork or some such like that. If you find yourself traveling to major cities quite a bit and want to find places to eat and go out, it can be quite helpful. It will even give you instructions based on current cross streets on how to get there... "walk north two blocks and the Union Square Cafe is on your left"... it so cool that you will pay to subscribe to the service? I didn't see that much value in it, and instead I consult the newspapers instead...

    So, to net out the two products-- Offline newsreader and mobile web browser versus multi-city restaurant/night life review guide with handy directions-

    Get it?
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    Actuallly phildro I don't get it (either one), YET !

    Though as soon as my sprint provisioning finishes I certainly plan to !

    I want to thank you for such a detailed response. The last part at the end really drives it home very concisely.

    I plan to try them both out as was recommended earlier. I really appreciate your response as I now feel oriented as to what I am supposed do do with / get out of these apps!

    That should make my trial much more effective. For example, I really liked the mapquest feature you mentioned. I have always tried to cut /past them into my calendar as appointments and that kinda worked as a work-around (but hard to reuse after the date passes).
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    You can download the client right now and sync it without ever having wireless service!

    Avantgo has an offline mode that I've been using since I had the Handspring Visor Deluxe...

    You can install it with a Hotsync and read news stories from your channels immediately...doesn't need SERVICE!

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    You mentioned "directions" and "trial" together...wanted to be clear that Vindigo provides some basic mapping but the Avantgo is what dl's the mapquest.

    I wouldn't call Avantgo a trial, since it is totally free...unless you want to uninstall it for some unknown reason.

    Just wanted to be clear...I guess I like beating Avantgo's drums because I think it is a great service that suffers from lack of exposure/understanding...

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