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    Anybody able to do ICQ messaging on a Treo 600? I tried 3 things today: Mirabilis's own ICQ for Palm (error when connecting), VeriChat (error when connecting, check network) and WebMessnger which requires a separate account I didn't want ot bother with.

    I was wondering if anybody here has been able to do this and how...

    thanks for any info.
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    I too get the error connecting message when trying to access ICQ on Orange (UK). Someone must have an answer.....please.
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    the icq server is the problem. the palm versions of icq have stopped functioning for quite a while due to some sort of server problem (or maybe a purposeful shutdown). i dont know of a single palm user whose icq is working at the moment. "connection failed" is the message that appears when you try to connect. i even tried out earlier versions of palm icq, but no chance.
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    Using VeriChat, I can use both WindowsMessenger and ICQ with my (SprintPCS Vision) T600. I did nothing special to achieve this -- it just works.
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    Now you have the option of using Chatter, too.
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    vverichat and icq works for me too

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