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    Can anyone tell me where I can find a bluetooth sd card for the 600? And who makes it?

    Also, is there a wifi sd card already out or are they planning to release one?

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    Where can you find them? NO WHERE b/c they don't exist! This has already been discussed in an innumerable number of threads. Please do a search... But to make a long story short, there still aren't any Palm OS 5.x drivers for BT SD cards. There are a couple in development from Sandisk and Hagiwara , but its unknown when either of these will be released....
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    why did the handspring supervisor say that I can find the bluetooth card at Best Buy?

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    You CAN find the BT card @ Best Buy...its just not made for the TREO!

    If you spoke to him as you were buying the unit, he was probably trying to ring up another sale...
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    When I was just at Fry's in Palo Alto getting my '600, across from the Sprint aisle was the ATT aisle. They had an SD bluetooth card, and I wondered if it is cross platform, or platform specific. BTW it was $149.99.

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    Well, it was a handspring person who told me that Best Buy has compatible bluetooth sd cards for the 600. If they truly don't have a bluetooth card with the proper drivers and don't plan on having it within the next month, then I'll probably return the phone, since I have 2 weeks to try it out.

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