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    Has anyone here tried using Chapura's KeySuite (including KeyContacts) with the Treo 600? I was wondering if the software integrates properly with the phone dialling and incoming caller recognition properly - i.e. if these 2 applications (and SMS) is able to utilize KeyContacts' database. I love KeyContacts as it allows me to synchronize all of the Outlook fields, but it would be annoying not to be able to use it for the telephony functions.

    If you haven't tried KeySuite, it's at

    Thanks for any info,

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    Desperate bump... Anyone have any clues here?


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    If you are using KeySuite, the phone (caller ID) doesn't recognize the database. That being said, there is a new version of KeySuite out (2.2) that I haven't installed yet (I'm waiting for my T-mo 600); but I do not see that upgrade in the list.
    I believe that I read somewhere on these forums that it is possible to sync to both the KeySuite and built-in databases. I had issues when I attempted this -- does anyone have a solution?
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    Thanks for the input. I was afraid that your experience was the case - it's the same with my Tungsten W, and is the main issue that I am considering before purchasing the Treo 600. Hopefully someone else here has figured out a way around this problem...?

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    I'll mention this in the event that KeySuite and/or Beyond Contacts DOESN'T work the way you hope (which I think is likely the case).

    I own a Kyocera 7135 and use Beyond Contacts (BC) extensively. But like you, it's a PITA because BC doesn't use the native Palm databases that are used by the default Address, Date Book, Tasks, and Notes applications.

    Simply put, when you install BC, it sets the conduit action for the Outlook Contacts, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Tasks, and Outlook Notes to "Do Nothing". But there's nothing to stop you from re-enabling those conduits. I enable Outlook Contacts to "Synchronize the Files" and I leave the rest at "Do Nothing".

    In my case, I am using PocketMirror Professional at home and PocketMirror Standard at work as my Outlook sync conduit. It works fine. I am also using Outlook 2003 on both home and work desktops. Just makes sure that if you are using Outlook 2003 and PocketMirror that you update PocketMirror to the latest version with their free upgrade. You'll need it in order to work with Outlook 2003.

    But it works well. Yes, it takes longer to sync. But if you want a really complete sync between Outlook and your Palm device, IMHO, Beyond Contacts is the way to go. Also, it may just be me, but I certainly seem to have noticed an increase in the speed of BC on my 7135 since I upgraded to 3.003. That's saying something too, because unlike you guys with the nice faster processor on the Treo 600, I have a 7135 with a VERY slow 33 MHz Dragonball VZ processor.

    Also, now that Beyond Contacts allows for syncing with Multiple Computers, I am finally comfortable with the fact that my work and home PCs exactly match on contacts which was always a big deal to me.

    This way, I keep the VERY thorough sync with my Outlook data and BC while I keep the voice dialing and speed-dialing on my Palm address DB. That's really the only role that the Palm Address app has for me anymore.

    Yeah, it would be a LOT more convenient if the Beyond Contacts databases could be used by all the apps that used the native Palm databases, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. This trade-off, while inconvenient, works well enough.

    Good luck.

    P.S. As a sidenote, if you like Documents to Go 6.0, there is also the benefit of solid integration between BC and DTG 6.0 since they're both done by the same company, DataViz.
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    I've tried datebook, agendus, act, and a few others and BC is the only thing that integrates with my setup perfectly. For me, its a keeper.
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    I have been using Keywuite since it came out with the 300..

    NEVER have any problem... am able to sync with THREE computers.. it works fast.

    Right now the new version 2.2 does NOT take advantage of the 5 way nav button but the Chapura peopel are working on it.

    I sync Keysuite exclusively at Home. At work, I ALSO synd the regular contacts... What is good is I can update something in there or keywuite and when I do 2 syncs at work the data is matched.

    You NEED to keep your regular contacts because allsorts of Treo 600 apps use it.. there is NO way around it.

    It would be nice if there was something in Default apps for contact program the same as there is for email etc... something all programs that try and grab a contact look at firs to see what contact manager is in use.

    But no luck for now.

    I reccomend KeySuite.. I fould beyond contacts very clunky and slow.. plus Keysuite has a similar look and feel to the regular apps.

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    Thanks all for the input.

    It sounds like I will have to keep using the work around as on my Tungsten W:

    - "Synchronize" between KeySuite and Outlook
    - "Overwrite" Palm built-in apps with Outlook data

    Works reasonably well.

    One thing you guys should all know - I have been using both BeyondContacts and Chapura KeySuite on and off over the last six months, and although I used to like Dataviz's Desktop to Go, BeyondContacts is poorly written - it usually takes my Palm about 10 minutes to synchronize between BC and Outlook, whilst it takes KeySuite less than 1 minute on average - odd but true. Switching applications in BC also takes far too long.

    Pity about having to maintain the in-built application databases.

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    Cunning Man,

    Just out of curiousity, have you used BC on the Treo 600 yet? The reason I ask is two-fold. One is that you mentioned that you have used BC for the last six months. Well, since the Treo 600 just came out, I am assuming you used BC on another device that was slower, perhaps even an OS4 device. I'm curious to see how responsive it seems on the T600's processor. Secondly, like I mentioned in my earlier post, it does seem like they improved the responsiveness of BC in their 3.003 update. Not much, but a little.

    But I have to agree overall; BC is not the fastest thing by any stretch. Like you, I started out on KeyContacts and was VERY impressed. It really is a great program. I used to use it on my Handera 330. Killer app for sure at the time. Then I started to move to apps that were fuller in scope. I haven't tried KeySuite (KS) yet because I think it lacks the completeness of BC and it lacks the e-mail client I use for work e-mail and to integrate with DTG 6. But if the sync speed is that much better, that would be very useful in its own right. I am surprised at the delays you experience on syncing with BC though. My experience isn't as bad as yours, but that's always relative.

    Man, I swear I'd jump to the Treo 600 in a second if they released it on Verizon. But that's another story entirely.

    Good luck!
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    I keep getting hotsync error messages!!!!!!!!!

    -- Backing up db CpDbLookup to file C:\Program Files\Palm\m550\Backup\CpDbLookup.PDB
    -- System
    -- Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database CpAbContacts to file C:\Program Files\Palm\m550\Backup\CpAbContacts.PDB. The file contained database CpaBContacts data.

    -- Backing up db CpAbContacts to file C:\Program Files\Palm\m550\Backup\CpAbContacts.PDB

    I've tried deleting files that may be being duplicating...but its not working!!!!!!!!

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