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    Today I went to Radio Shack and bought the adapter for the headset. The plastic does need to be filed down so it seats well. I also picked up the irock device that let me send the treo to the car stereo. The sound was great and it really ads another option to the car.
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    The iRock does seem to work well, but from what I've read the sound quality definitely begins to deteriorate after extensive battery use. Here are some nice iRock reviews fyi:


    Also, if I had to choose, the Crane FM transmiiter is the best FM broadcaster out there and it's range can be tweaked to over 100 Ft!
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    I use a cassette line in device which converts any 3.5 etc to cassette audio! unless this device overides the car cassette player like travel news does when a call comes in i dont see why its worht usin somthing that needs batteries!!??
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    Well the cassette adapter won't work as I don't have a cassette player in my car. Luckily I do have an extra lighter power spot in the storage compartment between the two front seats. So I put the transmitter in there connected to the lighter no wires coming from the stereo. Then i just put the treo inthere connected to it for MP3 playing over the car stereo, works great, no battery issues.

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