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    It seems no matter what volume I choose in Pocket Tunes, my MP3s sound badly distorted, especially during heavy passages of songs. I have the Treo stereo headphone adapter, and have tried plugging into the CD input on my car stereo as well as listening through headphones.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there another volume control I'm not aware of that might be turned up too high?

    PS- my MP3s are not recorded too high either... I listen to them on MP3 decks, my PC and on my Ipod, so I know that's not it.
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    Go to the menu option on PTunes, select Prefs, select General Prefs and make sure that Volume Boost is Off.
    Hope this helps.
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    The Treo 600 is LOUD. I find that I have to turn it down to the first or second notch even with the volume booster turned off.

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