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    Hey there,

    A PC friend of mine took his Treo 300 and a PC laptop with him to Maui, where he didn't have Internet access in his hotel room.

    He downloaded some software program that enabled him to use the Treo 300 as an external modem (using Sprint PCS Vision), and he claimed he got outstanding speeds.

    Does anybody know if this can be done using the Treo 600 and Mac OS X??

    I'm assuming that if the Treo 600 supported Bluetooth, we would be able to use it as a Bluetooth modem, but it doesn't support Bluetooth either.

    Any ideas on how to use this Treo 600 as an external modem for my Mac OS X laptop?

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    download WirelessModem and try it out. it worked for my 12" powerbook although the speed was pretty slow (slower than when i used the i500 as a modem). but it works. you also have to eventually buy the software ($37.50). not sure if it's worth that much since the speed seems slower than dialup.
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    I tried this briefly on my G4 tower, not because I had any need to, but to make sure I had the modem stuff working. Works great.
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    You can do it if you have OS X 10.2 or later. You will need to connect your Treo via USB cable to your Mac. Then, go to Network preferences in the control panels, you will need to create a new location (like SPRINT VISION, etc.) You have a few port choices such as Airport, IrDA, built in apple, etc...find the one corresponding to your USB phone connection. It might say USB modem, or "Treo 600" or something like that. I use the Sprint Vision PCS Connection card so it shows up as a "network PCS card"

    OK, now click on the far right tab where you can choose the modem type. (Maybe it is in advanced options?..I'm writing this on a pc) you can choose "sprint pcs vision" as the modem. It should be in your dropdown list. It will probably already be selected automatically.

    Finally, you need to put in your username and password just like setting up a normal dialup connection. Your username is an email address given to you by sprint, it ends with

    My account didn't have a Password...i don't know about yours.

    For phone number, just put in #777, this tells it to use PPP (don't worry about that.) should all work! I'm using the PCS Vision card and it is pretty quick.

    Good luck,
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    Here's the link to Wireless Modem FYI:
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    Thanks for this great tip! This product works great!

    The only part of the instructions that they left out was that you have to launch Internet Connect on your Mac and click on "connect" in order to initiate the dialing on your Treo 600. (or put the modem icon in the menu bar on your Mac).

    This product works great.

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    it works but for me, browsing seems super slow. what browser and settings are you using? IE or safari?
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    I'm using Safari, and yes it does seem to be a LOT slower than a 56k modem. But at least it works -- great for sitting in the airport and surfing the Net without paying any extra money.
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    are you going to pay the $37.50 for it?
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    Sure, why not? It's the only way to get online where there's no Internet access otherwise.

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