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    Isnt that the "soft" deadline that Donna talked about for unlocked GSM units?

    Anyone think its still going to happen?
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    I haven't been following the details, but did she say unlocked GSM would be released in the states by 10/31? If not, then she has already made good by releasing unlocked GSM units in Europe and parts of Asia.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Well you are correct that she didnt specify.

    But at the time the GSM-european units were already out. So for her to speak of somthing comming out by the end of the month for somthing that was already released doesnt make sense (but possible). It is safe to assume she was speaking about USA release, but then again maybe she was speaking of Asia's release. Who knows. All speculation at this point.
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    I know, lets all call Handsping to confirm.
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    Originally posted by he8mydog
    I know, lets all call Handsping to confirm.
    ...and tell them you are from Treocentral - JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING, I didn't mean that.
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    Of course, and to help clarify a rumor circulating on treocentral.

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