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    I was formerly a Kyocera 6035 user and recently purchased the Treo 600. I had installed Silkyboard ( on my 6035. I liked the fact that you could capitalize letters by long tapping the desired letter key. I do not like the shift key on the Treo keyboard (I keep looking for a shift on the other side, similar to a normal keyboard). Currently a long press on a Treo keyboard key in typing mode repeats the letter. I would like a long press to capitalize the letter. Does anyone know if it is possible to emulate the Silkyboard methodology for the Treo keyboard? Is this a possible hack?

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    There is a hack called KeyCapsHack available for Treo 300 and below. Not sure if it has been modified for the 600 yet. It allows for press and hold Caps as well as quick click for function.

    Hope this helps

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