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    Recurring problem of reboots when trying to send from Sprint Business Connection. Spent hours on phone with Level 2 Support, resetting, re-installing, etc. They can't figure out what's wrong, give me a ticket number, tell me that an escalation specialist will contact me "shortly".

    Four days go by; nothing. I call them back, and they say they've submitted the ticket, have no way to track it, no way to connect me with a manager, and no idea when I will hear from the next level. Will I be out of business for another day? A week? A month? They won't or can't say.

    Be cautious before signing up for this extra-cost poorly-supported "feature". Visto is not as feature-rich, but seems much better supported and more reliable.
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    Welcome to spring customer service. If something doesn't work, don't plan on sprint trying to take care of it soon to make you happy.

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