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    While everyone is talking about the 600 - I opted for the 300 - mainly due to cost right now. I am a total newbie to my treo and to Palm... I have synched up with my laptop - but notice on my email that I only get what stays in my Outlook Email INBOX. I have alot of message rules which copy email from certain people to sub directories... is there anyway to synch up with them as well? Or do i have to leave a copy of every email I get in my INBOX in order to get the messages onto my Treo?
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    Tommy, you didn't mention which palm app you're using to manage your e-mail. If you're using a package that doesn't support multiple folders, you won't be able to do what you're trying to accomplish.

    IMHO, the Treo isn't the optimal device to work with multiple sub-directories of e-mail. Since I use mine primarily on the road, I just download everything to my Eudora In-Box, then move each e-mail to its appropriate folder from within Outlook on the desktop.

    I use about 60 subdirectories each for Incoming and Outgoing mail, so even if it were possible to recreate these subdirectories on the Treo, I'd run outta RAM before even finishing!

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