I have 3 treo 270's. One for my wife, and one for me, and a spare.

So far since we bought them in March we have had to replace them all once. Since we got the replacements one of the treo's screens has a BLACK line going vertically (which my is using this one), one of them the flip broke (again), and mine.... JUST DIED.

I was using my 270 about 5 mins ago with no problems. Just sitting in my office. I just went to use it and it wouldnt turn on. It was on the charger all night but I pluged it in anyway. The red/green light doesnt even come on when pluged in. Luckyly I synced it a couple days ago.

So anyway, what do I do now? Think they will replace it.. maybe they would send me a 600 instead? I feel like telling them I want my money back on the 270's because they are junk.

I am betting on the 600's hardware to being a vast improvment. I am sure that part of the reason HS is so broke is because of RMA's. I dunno.