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    I've searched the Forum and found info on both of these. I'm using trial versions on my Treo 300 right now, to see which one I'd like to purchase for my Treo 600 (ordered 10/23 - still waiting). I;ve noticed the follwoing:

    Wireless Modem freezes up a lot no matter what size cache I use. The Treo just stays dim and stops responding. After 30 seconds or so it usually begins responding to taps again and I'm able to disconnect. This is pretty annoying.

    PDANet is faster, and it does not freeze - but it disconnects itself a lot. THis is much less of a problem, since it is esy to reconnect.

    Have others experienced the same? Is there a way to keep Wireless Modem from freezing? At this point I'd lean toward PDANet if they function similarly on the 600.

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    I have a Treo 600 and purchased PdaNet a couple of weeks ago it is now disconnecting at an annoying rate. A couple of times during this email I had to reconnect it.
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    I haved used both, but on different platforms. PDANET is for my PC laptop, while I use wireless modem on my Powerbook G4. PDANET is SOO much...SOOOOO MUCH faster than using Wireless Modem on my mac. It's also alot quicker connecting and less hassle. Really stinks because I just got my powerbook and was hoping for similar speed that PDANET provided on the PC. Good topic BTW...wanna hear more comparos...

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