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    What I see is a lot of varience in the results people get from BC. Up until the upgrade I always accessed BC through blazer and that is why I never had a problem getting my emails. But now since I got the t600 and the upgrade i use the BC icon and have had perfect service. Never crashed or disconnected once, never missed an email. Guess Im just lucky!
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    From what I can tell, "SEVEN Personal" seems to be the actual application/system used by SPRINT Personal Business Connection. I don't think it's a seperate product you can use on the SPRINT Treo 600. Tell me if I'm wrong. See the website

    Anyway, I've been browsing all the threads regarding Business Connection Personal. I want to have automatic wireless synching with my Lotus Notes Calendar at work. I don't really need to have email access and don't want it since I get too many emails that I can hardly read through them on the PC anyway.

    I use SnapperMail for when I want to check my personal pop account and send emails. So, I'm trying to determine if it makes sense to use Business Connection Personal to sync my Notes Calendar or not. At home I still want to sync with the Palm Desktop.

    I guess I could just use Intellisync, but I don't really like the idea of having to plug my device in and out through the day just to stay current with calendar entries in Notes.

    TIA for any thoughts.
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    BC will not sync the Palm calendar on the Treo with your Notes (or Outlook) calendar. It will let you work with Notes calendar through the Internet browser on the Treo, but you still have to do a regular hotsync in the cradle if you want to use the built-in calendar. Some people have figured out how to hotsync wirelessly, which I've never tried. But that doesn't need BC or any other additional software.
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    Ok, I may have to give up my geek card but I was wondering if e-mails count as data usage? I get a digest mailing everyday from my sorority and it can be a big file so I was wondering about it before I go and forward my home e-mails to my Sprint email acct.

    Also, is it possible to block e-mail addresses from your inbox with the Treo (maybe with Snapper)?

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    Thanks for clarifying that cbrenner. So it seems that if I want my Lotus Notes calendar synced with my Treo Palm calendar I have to use Intellisync or some other solution, and not BC. You saved me some time from going down that road. Where I work, the executives use Blackberrys. I wish there was a similar method for the Treos to get calendar updates pushed to the handheld.
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    If you are not a Sprint customer, is there any way to use Seven by itself?

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    I have tried both Eudora and Snappermail and they both work well. Eudora is free, Snappermail is not. They both do the same, but Snappermail has better support, works a bit faster and setup is a bit easier. They both handle multiple accounts and so on. Want free? eudora. Want to pay, Snappermail.

    That said, I also tried the other pay ones, you know, those that hit you for a yearly charge and frankly, if I am going to use a pay program, I want one that does not require a yearly/monthly fee and Snappermail answers it well for me. Good support, an excellent program and lots of satisfied users (very few unsatisfied ones). I think it may be on sale at


    Originally posted by cjbell
    What is the best e mail application for the treo...? I have Yahoo! pop access and outlook and would like the application to work well with Yahoo and Outlook. The Sprint csr mentioned Eudora and snappermail, but had no practical experience with either application....any thoughts out there...thanks.

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