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    In case anyone has missed prior posts on this new and impressive resource:

    [becuase he's listing software that is not licensed for free distribution, we are not publishing the address. As soon as the situation is fixed, there will be no problem. It's a shame because it is a great site.]
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    fyi, the mods asked that this site not be posted because it contains a download for the HS email client that is not available in the sprint version.
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    Does anyone know if that software has a licensing structure or license to infrenge upon. I sure as hell don't see it mentioned anywhere in it.
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    Originally posted by lnichols
    Does anyone know if that software has a licensing structure or license to infrenge upon. I sure as hell don't see it mentioned anywhere in it.
    Ya - I honestly don't think Handspring cares - I think everyone might be panicking a little.
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    That HS Mail app is awesome. Wish I saw that before buying Snapper.
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    Am I missing something? Said application is for GSM only, correct? Is there another version? TIA
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    Worked on my Sprint Treo. It not as full featured as Snapper but it is exactly what I need. Had this been available, I wouldn't have bought SnapperMail.

    But, I like the one-touch email retrieve and disconnect feature with Snapper very much!
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    The application came off of the GSM version of the Treo 600 but it will work on the Sprint (CDMA) version as well.
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    I'll send you a PM
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    Originally posted by lnichols
    Does anyone know if that software has a licensing structure or license to infrenge upon. I sure as hell don't see it mentioned anywhere in it.
    There is automatic protection through the 1979 Copyright Act.
    This is an infringement on the right of exclusive distribution.

    Just FYI.
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    Please do not PM me - the PM interface is extremely slow and my inbox is getting flooded.

    Please, please, please EMAIL your requests to:

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    your signature
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    This is great, I have no idea why Sprint decided not to have it. Most of us would get their Business connect for free anyways since we upgraded from a Treo 300. The bad think about their service is that you have to leave your computer on in order to get your mail. This isn't possible for me since I have a laptop at work, and I have to pack it up at night or the stealing gremlins attack.

    You are the man, thank you for the tool.
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    After installing the prc, do a soft reset and go to Prefs->Default Apps->Email to make it the default email app.

    I was not able to do this without a soft reset.


    P.S. You are the man derek985. Thank you for the tool. How did u get the idea by the way?
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    Over 3200 hits in the first 24 hours of operation and still chugging away!

    ...and I'm expanding further - I'd like to include a category for tips and tricks - if you have any really good ones I'd love to see them.

    In general if anyone has an opinion on what they'd like to see on the site please EMAIL me (PM is BAD, BAD!) at the following address:

    The two main goals of this non-profit site are to:

    a). Provide only the best content - sift through all the garbage so you don't have to!
    b). Keep the page optimized for fast and easy viewing on a Treo web browser.

    See you there!
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    WOW! Derek, You Da MAN! Thanks for the site. However, I certainly hope you don't get in trouble with PalmOne for this. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $email$ $app$ $is$ $a$ $version$ $created$ $by$ $Visto$ $specifically$...
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    this is far better than the lame stuff from sprint and seems to be an advancement on eudora. seemed faster and was more legible.
    What gives Sprint???? They could not have turned this away because of utility. Maybe I will evaluate it just a bit longer........
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    I would count your blessings.

    People can keep talking smack about sprint and even go as far to call them and say "I had to get this else where" and perhaps then, they will drive sprint far engouh to send Guedo (the killer pimp) to Derek's site and force/muscle/scare/black list or what ever, us right out of a great reasorce site (just becuase they get tired of hearing about it) I have seen stranger stuff)).

    Just thiking out loud

    Thanks Derek!
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    I very much enjoyed working with some others on this forum to figure out how to get the app off the GSM version, but geez, if a better email app is this important to you, why not shell out the 30 bucks for Snapper?

    What's the excitement about? That you're saving yourself 30 dollars because you're using warez? Pfff.
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    Here's an idea for those who are enjoying this great free software:

    Why stop with software? You can actually get the entire Treo 600 free! Just walk into a Sprint store, ask for a demo, wait till the clerk is distracted, then grab it and run.

    Stealing is stealing. I really like TreoCentral. The moderator should delete this thread rather than risk being shut down for facilitating software piracy.
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