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    Originally posted by tgabber

    One of the things about the 600 is that it is the first Treo to run Os5 therefore there are a lot of software issues specific to it.

    Right now, here is where all the discussion is. Trying to artificially send people off to different places doesn't work and just causes resentment.

    It's like being at a fun party where the host tries too hard to 'organise' the guests...
    But they are sending people off to other many threads about software issues with the 600 get moved to the software forum? Maybe this is what you're saying, but the mods are trying to organise the guests by constantly moving threads that are relavent only to the 600 to other forums. Why not just leave them here. I never check other forums because most of those topics wouldn't relate to my device.
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    Looking at the way new discussions were being posted to the forum, I think mods should have done this organization way back. The saying goes "It is easy to bend a tree when it was a plant". It will take time for people to start posting in the right forum. People want to be recognized, they want their thread to be read by the most people, they want most discussions in their thread... and where do u think they will post.. ofcourse where most people look for.

    Just imaging what would have happened if the Treo600 gsm version were to be out by now.. total chaos.

    Lets all start now.. better late than never.

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    There is no question but that the number of posts is coming "thick and fast". But it is more than the number of posts that is the problem. Previously, there was a separate Treo 270 and a Treo 300 site. Now since the name is the same, those two sites are merged as one. Perhaps creating a Treo 600 cdma site and a Treo 600 gsm site would be a step in the right direction. Making it easier to find what you are looking for. Its true some would have to surf both sites. But I would think it would be a quick sort that would help far more people than it would hinder. There really are two sets of problems presently. The gsm universe is holding each others hands, wondering they will get their hands on their Treos. the cdma universe is in an entirely different mode presently. I also think it would be interesting as a rough sort to see whether the imbalance between CDMA and GSM in the last generatioin isn't being rectified in the current generation of product.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Per that sticky message above...

    Too many forums.

    Divide and Conquer will defeat only TreoCentral.

    I hear a death knell.

    Buh bye!

    Door hit him on the way out. But will be back under the new name, "FrequentTroll".
    How about splitting the site into the Troll Forum and the Non-Troll Forum?

    Are there actually any posts being made to any forums other than the Treo 600? I suggest a single main forum for all posts, with threads being given a life span of three days. Moderators rate the value of a thread and if it's "Front page-worthy", make it stick until it's no longer useful. All other posts get moved to their appropriate categories after three days. Top Sticky Thread = a reminder to SEARCH before posting a new thread.


    Treo 600
    Treo 300/270
    Treo 180
    Treo 90
    Non-Treo PalmOS devices
    How To/Tips
    Non-PalmOS Hardware/Software

    This compromise involves a bit of extra work but is probably worth it in the long run. And troll posts can be moved immediately to Rants if necessary.

    Remember to credit me when you redesign the site.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Per that sticky message above...

    Too many forums.

    Divide and Conquer will defeat only TreoCentral.

    I hear a death knell.

    Buh bye!
    Personally, I think that an important reason they reorganized things was to serve as a cover for moving threads that are critical to the TC corporate "suck-up" policy.
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    I have searched MANY times, only to end up with no hits - and yet find the item through "manual (read time-consuming) searches" An example was my fruitless search for ACT! which did not work because it was only one word long...HUH? A SW proper name cannot be found because it has a catchy one-word name?

    My alternate search, PIM, did not yeild much either...

    And I still don't know which PIM to buy for my T600....but think the SEARCH tool could be improved, and then perhaps the # of forums wouldn't matter as much.
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