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    When I opened my flip it simply broke.
    It still holds on that side but I can't open it while it will broke totaly.
    Any possibility to change the flip and how?
    Can I use some kind of glue?
    How to open the treo? I found only 4 screw but not the 5th
    so I can't open it.
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    You can try converting it to a no lid phone as discussed in this T270NL II thread, T270NL III thread and here's another thread on the similar subject T180NL , T180gNL II and Treo 180 HFL

    Here's one on the T300NL and T300NL II.

    To open up Treo, here's the instructions (although this is for battery replacement, you will find this useful) for the 270/300 and this one is for the 180 version

    Enjoy, you may end up with a better phone after your work.
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    check out this post for dis-assembly instructions on T300, same procedure for 270.
    Any questions, send me a PM, I've had mine apart many times


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    If the right side of the flip hinge is broken, the fix is covered under Handspring (HS) Warranty. My broke there, and the customer service representative (CSR) informed me that the flip were breaking due to a design flaw on the spring mechanism that keep the flip open and closed (located in the right side hinge). So contact HS's CS for details.

    As an FYI, If you do not have an extra phone to use while the Treo is under warranty I'd recommend to spend the $25 dollars for them to ship me out a new loaner phone. My repair has taken two weeks so far and I still have not received my unit. Thankfully, I got the $25 loaner.

    Hope this information help you and others.

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    I'd been careful to not stress the lid too much, but after a year and half it broke at the hinge nonetheless. Combing through the old messages, I found one that points to a Treo 300 face for sale and said it needs modification to fit the 270 - how different are they? another message mentioned moving to the 600 but it has its own problems - what are they?
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    Careful... the 300 case front will have a difficult time fitting to a 270 case back. The 300 is longer. This means, buttons like the power button and the silent switch may not fit precisely.

    I'm not saying it's not possible but it would require some modification of the 300 front.

    As for the 600 - I love mine (had it one year now).
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    Can I cut the top part out (includinging the hinge and lid and maybe down the screen), and graft that to the old 270 body - if they are the exact same width? (and just use the 270 back)
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    Quote Originally Posted by saron
    Can I cut the top part out (includinging the hinge and lid and maybe down the screen), and graft that to the old 270 body - if they are the exact same width? (and just use the 270 back)
    I wouldn't... the forces from the hinge mechanism are huge (hence all those broken lids )

    The big question is, how will you re-attach the top part in such a way that the forces from the hinge won't simply snap the whole addition off at the weakest point ?

    I suggest you either:
    • remove the lid completely (do a search here on 270NL or 300NL) for some pics.
    • source a second-hand 180/270 (with a working lid ) from 'that auction website'
    • buy a used 600 - there will be hundreds for sale within the next few weeks
    • splash out on a 650.
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    I've read a number of posts in this forum about the 'no lid' versions of the 180's and 270's. I'm keen to have a go but can you tell us how you handled the Ringer and Power buttons on the top of the units when you added the speaker 'housing'? or did you build the speaker housing on top of the hinge 'bit' that sticks out. It's not too clear from the various pictures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steady_Edd
    ...can you tell us how you handled the Ringer and Power buttons on the top of the units when you added the speaker 'housing'? or did you build the speaker housing on top of the hinge 'bit' that sticks out. It's not too clear from the various pictures.
    Hey Steady_Edd,

    The power and ringer buttons stay in the same place. The speaker housing is built 'in front'.

    See pics
    Note:I built all examples but the 'up' and 'down' pics were not taken by me...
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    I also have a treo 300 and am interseted in this modification. Where can I get info on who to contact to get this mod on my phone? Thanks in advance for the info.

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    Thanks for the details. I just need to find a dud Treo 180/270 of spare case to try :-) (I'm not going to try on my current Treo!!)
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    Try They sell a replacement lit for $30.00. for an additional 20 they will install it for you. I opted to try the install myself, and I just got the lid today. I cannot imagine this is too difficult.

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    Please see my post in the Treo 300 section on how I was able to repair my lid in under 1 minute.

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    As far as I know, the flip lid cover of my old Treo 90 and 270 is a built-in part. But lots of vendors are selling this part taking advantage of the flawed design of the product.

    Why not send the product to a repair center and let them work with the stuff. Or you may end up messing a whole lot of it!

    Hope that helps
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    I broke the cover on my Treo 270 and then bought a Treo 600 and just put the old broken unit in a drawer.
    Then my wife dropped her Treo 270 and it was completely dead.
    So we decided to see if we could build one good unit out of the 2 broken units.

    We were sucessful!!! The lid from the dead unit together with the rest of the innards from the unit with a broken lid gave us one good Treo.

    Our only concern is that when we took the units apart, even though we were careful, a small metal pin about 3/8 inch long dropped out of the back of each unit and we couldn't figure out where they went. The lack of these pin don't seem to be impacting the combined good unit but we are curious.

    Does anyone know the purpose of this small pin and how to reinsert it.
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    Yes. The pin is to attach a cord lanyard (spelling?).

    Look at the top corner of the case and you should see where it goes. You will need to pry the case apart again to put it back in but if you don't use a cord, don't bother - unless you want to adopt the new craze and hang your Treo around your neck
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    I had a treo 270 for 1.5 years and was always ver careful not to break the lid. Then about a week ago my 270 lid wouldn't open. It wasn't broken but it wouldn't flip anymore without freezing closed.

    So I did the "mod". I'm a newbie with this kind of this so here is my first version. I'm going to try a 2nd version when I get another case to try it on.
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    I had exactly the same happen - to 2 phones !

    Our sales team all use Treo 270s.

    When mine broke after just 9 months use, I thought I'd done something wrong, but then my boss, sick of his Treo upgraded to an XDA and gave me his Treo and all of it's components.

    3 weeks later this also broke in exactly the same place after opening !

    Now I am stuck with 2 duds.

    I usually expect such an expensive phone to at least last a couple of years, especially when I am so dependent on it for business.

    I have since tried fixing them with sticky tape, glue etc, but nothing seems to hold them together.

    Good luck trying to fix yours.
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    I too have broken the lid off my treo 300, and am now using an old Samsung N300 which I HATE. Someday I'll pony up for a new Treo, but I hate throwing away perfectly good electronics!

    I am going to try a case mod and ran across a plastic repair putty that might be of some use to others.

    It's called Pig Plastic Repair Putty and while I haven't used it yet, it looks like it might work. The phone came apart w/out any problems (of course I haven't put it back together!) but I'll post some pics and hints if all goes well.

    I'll take photos of the project (most of the previous mods look great, but there's no information as to how they did their mods) and if it works, I will set up a web link.
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