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    I'd like to add something positive.....

    Bought my Treo 600 3 weeks ago. Loving it like crazy. came to my rescue. Someone ran into the back of my car....forcing me into the back of someone else's car. Nobody was hurt but the guy that hit me in the back was acting real fishy. Soon as I got out of the car.....I started taking pictures with my Treo. My car was not damaged ( it's actually a truck with a hunk of steel as a rear bumper) but the guy that hit me now has a hood that looks like Mount Fuji!! His front end was really tore up. He keep trying to get me to let him pay me dice. I had pics and I had already called the state police. All of a sudden the guy got in his car and sped off. The lady ( the car in front of me) and I were like damm. But remember...I had pictures of his car...including his license plates. I even called my insurance company...told them I had pics and that I could send them right at that moment. They were like "really"?. Yes...there is a happy far!!

    Just goes to show that my Treo 600 came in handy just when I needed it most.

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    SWEET!!! great feed back, nice to know that looser will (should) be caught....
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    Someone could write a Palm app. for insurance adjusters. You could tap and drag circles around areas of your picture (let's say a damaged front bumper) and zoom in on just that area and make a notation about the damage. Then the adjuster could pick from several road templates (like an intersection or a t-bone) and car icons to recreate the scene. Kind of like what you see in traffic court. You could also create a server side piece so you could upload, (through a VPN client), all of the pictures to a server that creates a pre-formatted report using the data and pictures from the Palm application including any notes, policy number and all of that. It generates a claim number, etc... I just wonder if the quality of the Treo600 camera would be good enough.

    That was smart thinking to get the Treo600 out and snap a few pictures, though.
    Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
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    The state police got him last night at his house based on the pic of the license plates that I took. His car that hit me was in the garage.

    GO TREO 600!!!

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    You should send this story to Handspring. Maybe they'll send you something!

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