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    Sorry, but after lurking much and posting little, I have to chime in here on the GSM t600.

    I feel like I have been waiting a *REALLY* long time for this phone. Like most here I was one of the first to own the 180, one of the first to upgrade to the 270, and among the first to share my excitement with the world and this site.

    Much to my dismay I watched the release date slip and slip (a did all of you) and the speculation start to fly and the rumors get passed around and the sometimes humorous, sometimes idiotic, sometime informative banter back and forth between the posts here...for what? All I have gotten out of it is a lack of respect for some of the members here, ceaseless almost unnerving anticipation about a product that *STILL* isn't available, and an old rickety 270 that has seen a sh*t ton of usage.

    I'm sure many of you laid in your beds over the last 6 months thinking about the t600, sleepless, vibrating with excitement, pondering all the goodness that is (or should be) the Treo 600. I admit that i did, on more than one occasion. I often check this board 3-4 times a day to see if there is any new news.

    Largly, the information posted here about the t600 has been misleading, untrue, and sometimes downright malicious. That just needs to stop. This board rocks, and has often lulled me to sleep as I pine for the new phone, but this crap recently is garbage. Not only is the information untrue, the wild speculation it causes borders insane at times.

    Some members continue to share things in a factual and courteous manner, WeeBit is certainly one of them. I think of everyone here, he is just as excited and is still able to keep to the facts. Honestly, I hope it comes out monday. I know better then to expect to actually see it before Late November or perhaps even December. Even if I am lucky enough to get one of the first ones, my chances of it shipping and arriving here in a week are slim at best. Short of washing my hands of it completely (Im still pining for this thing) it's all I can do to get some sleep at night is just stop thinking miracles will happen.

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    Tell anyone interested in the SonyEricsson T608 phone your saga, and you will get laughed at. Trust me, this is by far not the worst product release ever, at least they are keeping people informed. - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage
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    My feelings exactly - I've been waiting on this phone longer than any of my other previous phones (and with greater anticipation).

    I thank Weebit for his info and I sincerely hope it's true - however, I still doubt I would be one of the lucky 3,500 "first-wavers", and even if I were, I wouldn't hold my breath on getting the phone in my hands until mid/late November.

    I'm more disappointed than anything else. My brother just got a Sony CLIE UX-50 today and watching him surf the web on WiFi is just too enticing. The screen and features (camera, video, etc.)on that thing is simply amazing.

    Sincerely don't know how much longer I can hold out waiting for what seems to me as being a device that started out being ahead of its time to now becoming a tad "lite". Anyways, I'll be here until at least Monday.

    However, I will be heading back to Hong Kong next month (a land where phone models are more abundant than sheep on a hill). I'm thinking SE P900.

    Anyways - rant over guys.
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    I appreciate G4 for jumping in and being another voice of reason here.

    As WeeBit stated in another thread, and I can validate having been an HS employee and still being closely in touch with folks there, the launch is eminent.

    As far as getting in the first batch of 3,500 or so, stalk their web site and stalk this site as well... Especially Monday. When the Sprint version went for sale on HS's site no one posted anything about it on here for over three hours. My understanding is that because HS did not send out an email about it until the next day, pretty much all of the orders put in that first day shipped that week.

    Keep the faith, the wait is almost over...
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    Here are my 2 cents ....

    The dynamics of product introduction, and market availabilities, have been seriously impacted by the web. We no longer rely on magazines, or store displays to hear about new products, we know of them immediately.

    However, availability and distribution and a whole host of other factors contribute to a lag between announcements and availability or distribution. As others have mentioned, the carriers have a tremendous amount of influence when it comes to cellphones. There is a lot of testing, re-testing, and testing some more than occurs behind the scenes when a new phone is released (above and beyond what the FCC tests for), to make sure that a particular phone model is tweaked for an individual carrier's network.

    Personally, I think Handspring have done a decent job of making sure the Treo 600 has been launched relatively close to their target date. I know this doesn't help those who are jumping out of their skins trying to get a GSM Treo in the US, but I can assure you that it's well worth the wait.

    As to those who think that Hong Kong is this mobile phone nirvana, please keep in mind that we are now grouped with the Greater China market, and that many products *are not* introduced at the same time here because they need to be localized. The local distributor hasn't even heard of the Treo 600 (and I'm not even sure if it'll be the same distributor when the Treo 600 is finally launched). Same thing with the Tungsten T3 - no sight of it yet. Singapore on the other hand does tend to get products quickly; the Treo 600 was launched there last week.

    Since I'm on a roll with the ranting, let me also say that in general users put waaaaay too much faith into what they read on the internet. Those who heard from a friend whose sister's cousin's co-worker who lives in the house next door but heard it from their newspaper boy and post information do not generally have reliable information.

    For what it's worth

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